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Psion Consulting Ltd are market leaders in Maintenance Planning and Structural Integrity Management of Military Equipments within the Land Environment of the UK Defence Sector.

Psion Consulting Ltd are market leaders in Maintenance Planning and Structural Integrity Management of Military Equipments.

Safety – identify, manage & reduce risks


Optimised equipment availability


Optimised through life support costs


Joined up management process


Full audit trail for all decisions made

Formed in 2008, Psion has a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience, dating back over 20 years of technical support to the UK Ministry of Defence, covering all phases of the equipment life cycle. The company specialises in the development and implementation of maintenance related equipment support solutions that can result in significant operational and cost benefits to the equipment user/maintainer and support staff.

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

RCM is a process to ensure that assets continue to do what their users require, in their present operating context. Successful implementation of RCM will lead to optimised through life support costs, equipment availability, and a greater understanding of the level of risk that the organization is presently managing. The application of RCM in the land environment was mandated by the DE&S in 2007 following the publication of the tri-service Defence Standard 00-45. Prior to this only the RAF and Royal Navy were using RCM. Psion’s managing director previously worked in the MoD’s Technical enabling services and was responsible for introducing RCM into the land environment as part of a special high priority treasury funded initiative. The resulting benefits from this programme of work were in excess of £16million through a reduction of support consumables and maintenance contracts as well as a reduction in scheduled maintenance effort of 30million man hours for service personnel.

Psion can conduct RCM studies on any equipment either during development or for equipments that have already entered service.

Structural Integrity Management

In association with our partners in both industry and the Defence and Science an Technology Laboratory (DSTL), Psion can conduct a comprehensive analysis of a platform to determine its structural integrity management requirements. The process for achieving this has been developed in-house and is based on previous structural studies including M3 amphibious Bridge, CVRT, Warrior and Challenger 2 MBT & DTT. The processes and methodologies that have been used and developed include reliability centred maintenance, finite element analysis, fracture mechanics, net section yielding, blast modelling, terrain modelling, non destructive testing and health and usage monitoring.

The result of a typical study will include the following outputs and benefits:

  • Identification of Structural Significant Items (flaws) within the structure
  • Safety Risk Classifications
  • Failure/Risk Management Strategies
    e.g. scheduled & non-scheduled platform inspection
  • Inspection Requirements (including identification of specialist test equipments, testing methods/procedures, facilities, training requirements)
  • Identification of Health and Usage Monitoring Requirements
  • Determination of Critical Flaw Sizes

Through Life Management

Through life management forms a key part of the work undertaken by Psion. That’s why we have developed a management process that takes into account the changes throughout the life of the equipment. By conducting periodic reviews the effects of significant changes such as change to vehicle weight, increased threat, modifications and usage patterns etc can be assessed and the appropriate changes can be made to the support strategy.

Management Tools

Psion can design, build and maintain bespoke management tools that provide Equipment Support Managers with the essential information required to enable them to manage a complex platform.  These tools can be run on individual PC’s, via a network or online and represent a major change to the current method of managing large and complex structures.

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